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Today we have a great guest post from my friends at Prograde Nutrition.  As you know, I would only post what I feel is the best information and highest quality products on the market on my blog.  These are supplements me and all of my family use.   Are YOU Taking This During Pregnancy? By […]

Monday Morning, what to do.  I am at home with the kids and had a bit too much wine yesterday.  That’s fine- right back on the Wagon- I do waiver, but not for long.  This is how I avoid a spiral.  So far this summer this is one of the hardest behaviors I am dealing […]

I have been away for a while on summer holiday and getting used to a new computer.  I just wanted to let you know of this great free recipe guide. My partners over at Prograde have done it again! They’ve just released this brand new ebook that you can download 100% free. Well, for a […]

My youngest daughter turned 3 this weekend.  Wow what a far cry from all nighters and spit up- it has shifted to potty training and managing personalities.  Your children’s needs don’t change they just shift in form.  So even though my children are now 3 and 5 I don’t feel like I have any more […]

The kids are settled into their school routines now and there are no excuses for fitness.  Some key things that really help out our household to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle are: 1.  Make a weekly food schedule including breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  An Example Day 1 in my house is- Breakfast– cooked oatmeal […]

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