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Summer time means working out on my deck and training some clients in the park.  This is refreshing, fun and beats the routine of the gym.  A few things to remember to beat the heat.  We have extreme weather in Toronto going from -30 to +30 C in the matter of a few months listen […]

I did a great Kettle bell workout on my back deck this weekend with my kids- no they are too young to lift the size KB I have.   I do have them do my warmup with me they play with the bands a bit and lift the 8lb med ball.  They lose interest after this […]

Wow I cannot believe the date, here we are mid way through the summer.  Hopefully you are getting your summer fitness results.  One small lifestyle change I have added is riding my bike to and from work 2x / week, 30km each of these days.  I feel great but not exhausted from adding in too […]

Ever had one of those days when you feel like you are about 12 years old again. Your senses are on high alert and the world is your oyster. Well it happened to me yesterday. I never thought this late in my fitness training career I would make it training in a professional athletes gym, […]

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