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I have been getting a lot of questions regarding pelvic floor health lately.  A few simple rules to follow. 1.  Even if you feel fit late in your pregnancy avoid jumping, jogging and jarring movements, you may not be able to measure the pressure on your PF before it’s too late. 2.  Don’t start an […]

Wow my older daughter Kasia is having her 10th birthday party right now.  (I forgot candles for her cake-too many things on my mind). I feel old- actually I don’t feel old- I still think I’m 25, but having a 10 year old sounds “mature”.  Since having Kasia I have not jogged due to pelvic […]

Things are going well for my Strong First recertification.  I had a dicy few weeks with shoulder pain from a barbell snatch.  I jumped the gun and started a new program before completing my cert- I lost focus and it cost me.  I was fully ready a month ago completing and exceeding 100 snatches in […]

Please send me an enquiry through the link below for online training.   JFITATHLETICS.TRAINERIZE.COM     I have posted a quick video regarding stabilizing your core during training.  I often use the cue “lock your ribcage to your pelvis”  This short clip shows what I mean.   Have a fit day,   Jacqueline

We moved at the end of this summer at the same time I took on training our NHL and AHL athletes at summer training camp.  Busy times once again, along wit the stress of moving children, making friends and integrating into a new community.  Workouts were brief, but existent everyday.  Some days they were 30 […]

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