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I had a great labour day workout yesterday.  I am currently working on a test Press program for SFG.  I have 2 more weeks to go to get my max press.  I already achieved this goal last week, I was stoked- so yesterday after pressing and 100 KB swings,  I put a bit more conditioning […]

Downward Dino… Yoga in the ROM with Lolë I’ll admit it, I had my suspicions that the whole “Lolë White”  thing was going to be just a glorified photoshoot and, worse, maybe a bit of a costume party (I hate costume parties). I was wrong. It was wonderful. First of all, it was stunning. 700 people in […]

A lot of exciting things are happening right now. 1 I was featured again in MacClean’s national magazine regarding a new study done on harmful effects of prolonged sitting and driving, even if you exercise.  Sue this one is for you pg 60, paragraph 1, last sentence.  Why Sitting Might Kill You article. 2. I […]

My husband and I were short on time this weekend but wanted to get in a little workout before travelling to visit relatives for the Easter Weekend.  We picked 2 exercises and performed 4 super-sets alternating back and forth. Exercises – 1 vertical pullups- I used a band assisted pullup for 10 reps                       – […]

Since caffeine in pregnancy is such a hot and controversial topic, I decided to continue this post from last day. I gave many tips on how to make a healthier coffee if you NEED it. Now it’s time to talk about The Good / The Bad and The Ugly of caffeine. How does this affect […]

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