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Writing and video by Jacqueline Gradish, SFG2

I love using kettle bells, especially for moms, kettle bells work.  They fit with our lifestyle, compact, versatile, inexpensive and efficient.  I do go to a gym 1x a week, but the rest of the days I train with kettle bells in my house or yard.  Below I have added 3 videos.   You can perform these 3 exercises in a row, rest and repeat 2-3x to get a great full body, efficient mom kettle bell workout.


Make sure you breath into you bells not your chest on the breathing squat.  With the kettle bell swing, my abs and back are tight during this exercise, and I squeeze my gluts to get to the tall stand position.


Use this link for  the Adductor side slide with diaphragmatic breathing to help strengthen deep abdominal muscles while adding more advanced movement. 

Boards Are Ready For Fit Camp

Boards Are Ready For Fit Camp



Are you ever confused by the constantly changing fitness trends and aren’t sure which workouts are best for you?
Would you like to have a home program that you have confidence it is tailored made for your body?
Do you like to workout hard, but workout smart?

You will learn proper lifting techniques so that you can minimize the chance of injuries.
You will understand when to train hard, which will ensure you have a lot of energy for your family post workout.
You will learn how to SUP so you can enjoy the peace and excitement of being on the Ontario Lake.  

Dead Bug

Dead Bug

Don’t be confused or bored with your fitness.  Empower yourself with options.  

Learn optimal workout order, basics of a balanced fitness program.  

Don’t leave this to chance- your body and time are precious- take control.

KB wrist stability





All levels welcome- do what you can, check your ego at the door and have fun.

Many of you know it has been a career dream of mine to run fitness camps to help educate women on fitness and strength training.  I am happy to share that it is happening this summer.  I have put together 2 dates to run the first J Fit Athletics camps.

Find out what you like to do for fitness, try new moves, the tried and tested, learn order of program for best results, plus much more.  Now is a time of change in the world of strength training.  Find out how to integrate everything together for the best program for you rather than just randomly throwing together some moves along with what is on trend for the moment.


What is strength training?                                                 

Boards Are Ready For Summer

Boards Are Ready For Summer

What is movement training?

Do or don’t I stretch?

When should I breathe during my lift?

When or what do I do for my core?

How do I do a pull up?


If you know of a woman that would be interested in attending please share this email.

You will leave with a summary of what we covered.  This will be a fun day with meals.


The day will include:


  • Proper Warmup, Hardstyle KettleBell Training, Basic Barbell Training, Movement training, Rucking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding.
  • The day will focus on having fun and learning what is best for your body.
  • You will leave the day with skills/programs that you can use immediately in your fitness, like how to do a proper pushup.
  • Lunch will be catered and we will have rest/chillout time.
  • We will talk about the importance of when to train hard, rest periods, mindful lifting and junk reps, and staying away from injury and illness from training. Efficiency is key, not volume.

Please visit my webpage for further details and sign ups.  Space is limited.  Please contact me if you have any further questions.


Questionnaires and health screens will be sent out to all candidates. The camps will be progressive for those that attend both.




Jacqueline Gradish

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding pelvic floor health lately.  A few simple rules to follow.

1.  Even if you feel fit late in your pregnancy avoid jumping, jogging and jarring movements, you may not be able to measure the pressure on your PF before it’s too late.

2.  Don’t start an exercise program too early.  Many women want their post pregnancy body back quickly and rush into an exercise program before they are ready.  Make sure your pelvic floor is healthy and you are getting enough sleep before exercising.  If you are experiencing urinary incontinence fix this problem first before multi joint weight training, running or jumping.  Follow the video below.

Starting point to help pelvic health.  Make sure your back os flat on the floor and your back muscles are slightly flexed pressing into the wall.  Lift your knee, FILL YOUR BELLY with air (not your chest), keeping your back flat.  Push the air out of your belly while flexing your abdominals and pulling up your pelvic floor.  You need to master this, then you can apply this biomechanical breathing match to many more exercises to start to improve.

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